Association of

South Dakota County Weed and Pest Boards

Leafy Spurge


A misplaced plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants. For instance, corn in a soybean field, or sunflower in a wheat field.

Hoary cress

Noxious Weed

A weed which the commission has designated as sufficiently detrimental to the state to warrant enforcement of control measures.

Hoary cress

State Noxious Weed List

Leafy Spurge. Canada Thistle. Perennial sow thistle. Hoary cress. Purple Loosestrife. Salt Cedar. Absinth wormwood


The rich varieties of habitats found throughout the State are treasured by residents and visitors alike.  Hunting, fishing, recreation, tourism, mining and agriculture are integral to our livelihood.  All of us depend on healthy livestock, soils and wildlife which require healthy native plant communities. These native communities are threatened by invasive noxious weeds and pests and if left unchecked could transform an entire ecosystem and everything that depends on it.  Future generations are counting on us to protect and preserve our natural resources.  Learn more and help us keep South Dakota naturally beautiful!

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